The color that brings happiness

I have of course seen a lot of art in my job as art journalist and critic. Yes, truly an incredible amount of art. This means that
I have had to learn and realize that I must try to be open and accessible – in my heart and mind – to many kinds of art.
Of course, you can have favorites, but in my job, I should try to see the meaning and focus on all kinds of art. But a certain kind of art has spoken to me over the years and gone straight into my heart.
I must confess that I now with joy look for the images that express some kind of love for beauty. I could probably write column meters and more about this type of art. But in order
not to tire the reader too much, I want to mention an artist that seduces me with her paintings, where it looks as if it has been blessed by hundreds of jars of color and caressed on to the canvas with such great tenderness. All these words to describe the background and reason why I want to highlight the artist who loved her paintings into life. And her name is Veslemøy Vangsnes.

Throughout, I can feel that Veslemøy Vangsnes has sworn allegiance to the beauty and richness of colorism. She seems
to work spontaneously with her paintings. I may be wrong, but I have to say it seems like Veslemøy Vangsnes does not declare herself satisfied until she has filled her entire canvas surface with coloristic glow and beauty. And I can imagine how she, happy as a child on Christmas Eve, embark on new images that she can turn into new painting of blue beauty adventures, when she has received a new tube of navy-blue paint. Thank you Veslemøy Vangsnes, for giving me the evidence through your paintings that the power of beauty exists.

International Association of Art Critics (AICA) by Stig Åke Stålnacke, June 2022

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